This journal is not accepting submissions at this time.

Author Guidelines

This journal is not accepting online submissions of articles. Authors are requested to contact one of the members of the Editorial Board or one of the Editors if they want to submit an article.

Papers to be published in TDE are selected from proposals made by our Editorial Board of international advisors and undergo a double open peer-review process. The original papers shall not be re-written or revised but only translated. However, a new introductory paragraph may be added by the author, and the version in the original language will be added as a supplement.

The format of an e-journal in combination with a digital archiving system enables authors to add audio and video examples as well as more extensive figures, photos, and music notation to their texts and we particularly encourage authors to make use of this option.

Authors will have to make sure, however, that no copyright infringements will occur when publishing the material under the Creative Commons license CC-BY.